Basic Approach
We work together to clarify your needs and how to address those needs. Rather than “fixing” your voice, I help you find a richer, healthier access to your voice while you learn to use it more effectively. 

Focus Areas
Depending on your needs, we can focus on these and other areas:

  • Your Voice: find and use your voice in healthy, clear, open-hearted, and creative ways.

  • Vocal Power and Freedom: strengthen your voice, increase resonance, and reduce vocal fatigue. Free a high, tight, or monotone voice.

  • Stress and Anxiety: learn to feel better and express yourself more effectively under stress.

  • Presence and Embodiment: learn to take up space, develop greater vibrancy and receptivity, and speak in an embodied way.

  • Communication: develop your ability to communicate clearly, expressively, and effectively in a variety of contexts.

  • Individualized Vocal Warm-ups: develop personal warm-ups that address your needs.

  • Harmful Habits: learn to speak or sing in ways that prevent or heal vocal nodules. This is done in conjunction with medical professionals.

  • Breathing: learning to breathe freely can support all of these areas of focus. See also My Approach to Breathing Coaching.

My Influences
I am a certified teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®--which offers a wealth of perspective and exercises. I also draw upon a variety of other approaches to address your needs.

Approaches to Learning
The work will be conceptual, experiential and practical, and the emphasis will change as needed. 

  • Why Conceptual? Because how you understand something affects how you do it.

  • Why Experiential? Because it’s not enough just to understand something. In order to learn something deeply, you also need to experience it directly.

  • Why Practical? Because it’s important that our work is useful outside of the studio.


What I offer:

  • Private Voice Coaching
    Private Voice Lessons in my Los Angeles studio (or your location) provide the opportunity to focus on your specific needs.

  • Voice Workshops
    Voice Workshops (offered in Los Angeles, nationally, and internationally) provide significant immersion in a short period.

  • Voice Classes
    Voice Classes for Performers in Los Angeles provide regular opportunities to work on your voice.