Where are you located?
West Hollywood, CA (USA). I also travel to work with clients. For more information, request an info sheet.

I don’t live near you. Do you work on Skype?
I work on Skype only if we have already met in person. This helps ensure the integrity and usefulness of the work I offer.

What are your rates?
My rates for private coaching are on this page (a couple of paragraphs down). Rates for workshops and other group coaching vary.

How do your rates compare with other coaches?
My regular rates are competitive with other quality coaches. My discounted rates make it possible for more people to work with me. There are great coaches who charge less than I do. If I'm too expensive, I’m happy to give you a good referral.

Do you offer a free first session or consultation?
I don’t. We begin working as soon as we meet, and I give you 100% of my attention. If you want to talk on the phone first for a few minutes to ask questions or just to hear my voice, I’m glad to do that.

About your sliding scale, do I really choose how much to pay you?
It’s on the honor system based on your ability to pay, and I rely on you to determine the amount you are able to pay within my range. If you prefer that I set the price for you, let me know your general financial circumstances, and I will suggest an amount to pay within my range.

Do you work with children? 
I don’t. I do however know good coaches who do. Please ask for a referral.

Do you help with accent reduction or dialects?
I don't, but I know excellent coaches who I can put you in touch with. Ask me.

On this subject, I also have a strong point of view: the idea of accent reduction is not nearly as helpful for most people as accent acquisition -- rather than making it your goal to reduce or eliminate your accent in order to become American-sounding, make it your goal to acquire a clear American accent. This way you become more, not less; embody more possibilities of who you are, not fewer. Later in your work, this distinction can make a big difference to your voice as well as your sense of self. 

Do you help people prepare songs for auditions?
Sometimes. I can't if you really need music played for you, or you are needing ear training or music theory. In that case, ask me for a good referral.

What Will We Do?

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What should I expect in a first private session?
The first session is a little longer than a standard session. We’ll talk, I’ll ask you a lot of questions. My goal will be for both of us to have a sense of whether we’re a good fit, and for you to have a glimpse of what our work will be and how it can help you. You can request an info sheet with all the basic details.

How are you different from other coaches?
The hallmark of my work is using a variety of principles and approaches along with a razor-sharp focus on learning what really works for you. I am also willing to fail with you in a particular exploration, with a good spirit, in order to find what really works for you in the long term.

I have real problems. Can you help me?
If we're a good fit. Some clients need additional support, and I may suggest also seeing someone else while working with me. Depending on what's needed, it could for example be a movement specialist, a therapist, a body worker, or an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT).

Can you make me sound confident?
I’m not so interested in making you sound confident. I’m more interested in helping you find confidence (the root of the word confidence means trust), and then helping you reveal that confidence in the circumstances you are in.

Can you help me conquer my fear?
I approach anxiety and fear as natural and common experiences that need to be worked with skillfully rather than obliterated. I still feel anxious before I speak in front of a group of people I don’t know. The reality is that fear, when worked with well, can help you communicate more effectively. That said, since many people’s problem with fear becomes a fear of fear itself (which creates an unhelpful feedback loop), our work may lessen your fear or help you realize it’s really manageable. See a brief article by me on fear of public speaking and performance anxiety.

Will you be able to teach me a few steps to make me great?
Commitment can lead someone to being good. Passion and curiosity can lead to more. I wish I could teach these, but it's your job to bring them to our work.

Do I have to roll around on the floor and make strange sounds?
No. What we do depends on your needs. Some people do floor work, others work entirely in chairs or standing. Some clients will make a lot of sound, others won't.

Is touch necessary?
When it's helpful, my work can involve touch. Often it doesn’t, and there is no touch requirement.

You say you teach “Public Speaking”? What areas do you cover?
I work with people in a wide range of related areas: presentations or speeches (this can include working on developing the presentation, helping you learn how to prepare, improving the delivery of the presentation, working with technical issues such as PowerPoint or microphones, etc.), communication challenges at work, developing leadership through more effective communication, working with anxiety, preparation for interviews, hosting, pitches, high-stakes meetings, trials, etc.

Who Are You?

See the Who I Am section of the website for more information.