"Saul's approach is invaluable for any actor working on camera, and essential for working in the theatre."
David Schwimmer
Actor, Director (American Crime Story; Friends series regular)


"My work with Saul has been transformational. His individualized approach has helped me find more depth and connection. I am seeking longevity and growth in my career, and I find this work vital to achieving those goals."
Alyssa Diaz
Actor (Zoo series regular; Army Wives series regular)


"Through the breath work I have learned to trust my intuition. I have never felt more alive.”
Seth Gabel
Actor (Fringe series regular; Salem series regular)


“I experienced significant improvement upon learning about the breath and breathing. The warm-up exercises/explorations focus me in such a way that I find I am very ready to work. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks.”
Charlayne Woodard
Actor, Singer (Tony nomination for Ain't Misbehavin')


"I thought I was coming to Saul only to fix vocal problems  – but with him, the voice is simply the gateway to a deep, pure connection with the source of creativity. It’s about more than being a better actor - that's barely touching the surface. This work is about uncovering the mystery of being, connection with the self, and the world around you."
Bojana Novakovic
Actor (Instinct series regular; Rake series regular)


“If you're willing to go there, Saul can help you access parts of yourself buried or forgotten. Hard Work. Big reward.”
Alan Rachins
Actor (Dharma & Greg series regular; LA Law series regular)


“When I worked with Saul, things moved very quickly. I have been able to do things vocally that I would never have imagined possible.”
David Rasche
Actor, Singer (In the Loop, Men in Black 3, United 93)


“I always had breath and vocal problems as an actor, and I never understood how it was deeply inhibiting my work. I could do exercises all day and produce sound, but until I met Saul, I could never produce richness or nuance unless I bumped into it by accident or by luck. It's now become a core part of my work and I only wish I had discovered it sooner.”
Michelle Krusiec
Actor (One World series regular)


"There is one word that describes the effect of Saul’s work on the artistic life – revelatory. The way he teaches reaches inside your artistic self and illuminates something that you didn’t even know you had to share."
Brooke Nevin
Actor (Call Me Fitz series regular; Breakout Kings series regular)


“My voice feels bottomless!”
Deborah Butler
Voice Over Artist & Coach
Voice resume


"I called Saul when I had a big speech to prepare for. What Saul taught me has helped me not just in live speaking but also in the rest of my life. Our work transformed not just how I say things but literally how people respond. I feel Saul was as vested in my success as I was, and I recommend him unequivocally to anyone preparing for an important speech, or seeking connection and genuine, effective expression in their everyday encounters."
Alex Wilcox
CEO, Jetsuite Airlines


“An amazing experience. This unique training, adapted specifically to my individual situation, has opened a world of possibilities. Speaking as a professional introvert, I found Saul's methods practical and immediately useful.”
Susan Mallery
New York Times Bestselling Author


"We were looking to find a coach who could help our attorneys communicate effectively with audiences from 5 to 500. Saul has the innate ability to assess each attorney’s style and immediately pinpoint how to maximize their potential. We could not be more pleased with the accolades we received as our attorneys applied their new skills in presentations and in the courtroom."
Paul S. Fleck
Senior Partner, Law Firm (Top 50 in size; #1 in diversity in California)


"I was losing my voice consistently for two years and found out I had 2 nodules on my vocal cords. I was terrified I would never speak normally again. Working with Saul changed my life. I haven't lost my voice since and the lessons he teaches go way beyond voice work. I am forever grateful."
Kit Rich
Pilates Instructor and Health Educator


“After years of enjoying public speaking, I suddenly developed a paralyzing and inexplicable fear of talking to groups. This was particularly distressing because my job requires daily public interactions and presentations to groups.  Fortunately a fellow academic introduced me to Saul Kotzubei.  Working with Saul was truly a transformative experience and one of the best personal and professional decisions I have ever made.  He gave me my voice and my life back, but most importantly he helped me recover my soul. That’s quite a skill set and I will be forever indebted to this amazing, caring, intelligent, and talented individual.”
Sharon H.
College Dean


"Saul is an incredibly gifted teacher. He sees through layers of conditioning and tension and provides a pathway toward greater, more fulfilling forms of expression. Although the work can be challenging, Saul's keen wit and insights also make the learning process fun!"
Shana Waterman
Senior VP Current Programming, Fox Broadcasting Company


"After more than 25 years of public speaking, I was not certain what it would be like to work with Saul. Happily, his coaching has transformed my approach to speaking and teaching and has renewed my rabbinate."
Dov Gartenberg


“Working with Saul gives you a specific process to prepare for public appearances, a way to focus and center yourself, and most importantly the tools you need to connect fully with your audience to deliver a powerful message. I highly recommend Saul for anyone who makes their living speaking in front of others.”
Dawn Andrews
Business Coach for the Entertainment Industry


"Saul is an amazing teacher. His kind, contagious enthusiasm creates a safe space to experiment and practice in. Not only did my business presentation skills improve dramatically, but the freedom and confidence I gained from working with him inspired me to try performing. If you have even an inkling that there is more inside of you, Saul can help you find it."
Trisha Chambers
Writing/Marketing Consultant and Comedic Storyteller 


"This was something I needed to do for myself. Saul strives for the best in himself and in others. I received dedicated personal instruction, and our work was motivating, stimulating, and challenging"
Anne Rebone