** I am currently teaching workshops and private clients, but I am taking a break from teaching ongoing group voice classes while I am writing a book. If you contact me, I’d be glad to give you an excellent referral. **


Access and communicate the whole range of your humanity with greater vocal freedom, focus and power. 

Class Description
Class covers the fundamentals of Fitzmaurice Voicework: opening the breathing, freeing and supporting the voice, and learning to stand in the fullness of your experience and be present when you communicate. It’s also a time to work on individual material.

Class Schedules and Locations 
** My classes are on hold while I am working on a book. If you would like a referral to other teachers who offer voice classes, or you are interested in my private coaching or my voice workshops, please contact me.

To take the classes, you need prior Fitzmaurice Voicework training.

To fulfill the prerequisites, you can take one of my weekend workshops. You can also begin with private coaching (usually four to ten lessons) and then transfer into the classes.

If you have prior experience with another Fitzmaurice teacher, you'll need to take one private session before attending classes. If you prefer, you can do an introductory workshop instead. 

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** I’m on a break from teaching voice classes at the moment. If you’re interested in a voice workshop, private voice coaching, or a referral to another voice teacher, please use the form on the right to contact me.

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