Public Speaking - Toastmasters

Toastmasters International. Toastmasters provides virtually free training in giving speeches. While it is not usually tailored to support the idiosyncratic brilliance of each individual speaker, the opportunity to speak regularly in a group setting is invaluable for some people:

Voice & Public Speaking - Certified Fitzmaurice Teachers

Fitzmaurice Voicework Website. The official site for Fitzmaurice Voicework. Most of the teachers listed teach voice. Some also teach public speaking. And you can search by speciality and geographic location. The site contains information about Fitzmaurice Voicework, Catherine Fitzmaurice, and all the teachers she has certified. It also includes a complete schedule of events throughout the world, articles, and useful voice-related links:

Voice & Public Speaking - Dialects/Accents

Dudley Knight's and Phil Thompson's approach, known as Knight Thompson Speechwork, is innovative and effective, and it is philosophically and practically highly compatible with Fitzmaurice Voicework. The LA-based teachers listed here incorporate this work and bring their own perspectives to speech training.




Knight Thompson

Voice - Group Classes (for the speaking voice, often geared to performers)

I have worked with all of these teachers and recommend them.   

Erika Ackerman: Erika teaches in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area, and some of her classes are specifically geared toward women. - LOS ANGELES

Amy Bolton: Amy teaches classes in North Hollywood. - LOS ANGELES

Ryan O’Shea: Ryan teaches classes in North Hollywood. - LOS ANGELES

Voice - Singing

I have worked with all of these teachers and recommend them.   

Richard Armstrong: Richard Armstrong was trained by Roy Hart and is an excellent and inspiring teacher: - NEW YORK

Heather Lyle: Heather Lyle has completed the Fitzmaurice Voicework Certification program and has a long history of teaching: - PACIFIC PALISADES (CA)

Joan Melton: Joan Melton is a Master Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework and has written a great book about combining singing and speaking training: - FULLERTON (CA)

Nadine Risha: Nadine is an incredible, spiritually-oriented singer who tours all over the world. Her teaching style is both specific and open hearted: - LOS ANGELES (CA)

Voice & Public Speaking - Supplies for Study

This is a list of supplies and retailers that I use for my  teaching. There may be other retailers that are cheaper for comparable quality.

batakas: a soft foam bat (Uniquity: 1-800-521-7771)

foam rollers: the 3' long size, both 6" round and 1/2 6" round:

neti pot: for people who suffer from seasonal allergies or sinus infections. Many people suggest that it is best to fill the neti pot with purified luke-warm water and 1/4 teaspoon non-iodized salt with no fillers. Whole Foods carries both the neti pots and saline solution:

personal steamer: steam is a great soother of the vocal folds:

pump: the "Sport Pump" quickly inflates the stability balls:

stability balls (inflatable exercise balls): I use the Gymnic Stability Balls or Swiss Pro Balls because they are high quality. I suggest 65cm for people 5'10" - 6'2" tall; 55cm for people who are shorter; 75cm for people who are taller:

yoga blocks: shaped like bricks, these yoga props can make some of the physical positions more accessible to people who aren't very limber:

yoga mats: for many people, any inexpensive yoga mat or even a blanket is fine. Some people prefer thicker mats to cushion the spine and ankles, such as the Tapas Ultra mat, or Tapas Mandara mat. For some people a lot of cushioning is necessary, in which case the Airex Coronella mat is excellent. It's very thick, weighs 6 lbs, and costs about $90:

yoga straps: makes some stretches more accessible:

zafus: a Japanese round cushion ideal for some of the work. I prefer the kapok (cotton) filling over the buckwheat because it gives more over time:

zafus (Fitzmaurice-branded): these are buckwheat filling: