"In my work with communication, voice, and presence,
I do my best to stay curious."

I draw on these approaches in our work, as needed:

Fitzmaurice Voicework®
To help you rediscover a free and powerful voice. An integrated approach that incorporates the body, breathing, presence, and effective communication. My main teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework is Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Body-Mind-Emotion Integration Techniques
To help with being present: forging the critical connections between awareness, relaxation, and vibrant communication. 

Role Playing and Improvisation
To practice various aspects of communication in the contexts that are relevant to you--without all of the pressure. This can help you prepare for specific events as well as address broader areas you need to develop in. Because the learning environment is safe and clear, what you learn is more digestible and applicable to the outside world. My main teacher was Richard Seyd who developed his innovative stretch work.

Process Consulting (Organizational Development)
To help you get from A to B. The hallmark of process consulting is the realization that moving effectively towards goals requires a fluid process that takes into account what is really happening (not only what we want to happen). Using this work, I help clients clarify what is most important to them and help them get there. My main influence was the late, great Peter Chipmann.

"Bridges" to Performance
To help performers find accessible links between the work we do in the studio and the work outside the studio: auditions, shoots, rehearsals, live performance, recording, warmups, etc. One of my major influences in this area is Stuart Rogers.

Physical Activity/Movement/Exercise
To integrate our work into the activities you engage in regularly--everything from working out to writing at a desk. This leads to a much deeper and wider integration of the material we work on.

Games and "Clown"
To bring enjoyment, ease, and spontaneity into the process of learning and into what you take outside of the studio. My main clown teacher was also Sacha Barron Cohen's teacher, Philippe Gaulier.

Somatic Experiencing®
To work effectively (and healthfully) with high stress situations. The work was primarily developed by Peter Levine. My main teacher is Steven Hoskinson.

Pre- and Perinatal Work
To support the experience of safety and connection with others. Even though I did only a single five-day workshop with Ray Castellino, his work has deeply influenced my work with groups.

Other Approaches to Voice
While I don't claim in any way to teach their work, I have worked with both Patsy Rodenburg and Richard Armstrong several times. As very different examples of passionate, caring, and effective teaching, both Patsy and Richard have inspired me enormously.


What I Offer: