Next Public Speaking Workshop in Los Angeles -- August 17th - 19th, 2018

Who Attends These Workshops
Participants come from a wide range of fields and professions, have varied goals and challenges, but share one trait: a desire to make fundamental, lasting changes in their public speaking.

These workshops are not the right choice for those seeking one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, these workshops are designed for people who want to develop their individual potential as a public speaker, in an environment of healthy challenge and support.

Benefits of a Group Setting
While you may prefer private coaching, workshops offer one real advantage--the group setting. Being in a group allows you to face and learn from some of the biggest challenges of public speaking.

Public speaking classes, like those offered by community colleges or Toastmasters, offer an excellent opportunity to practice with a group. Public speaking workshops take this a step further: in a single, intensive weekend, it's possible to experience real and lasting change.

If you want to focus on discovering your potential as a public speaker, explore what really works for you, and address any fear or confusion you may have about speaking to a group, the workshops that I and my co-teachers offer can be a great way to learn.

Public speaking workshops are taught in wildly different ways. Do your research, and find an environment that suits your style of learning. 


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