Some of my clients are highly successful, and some are just beginning. Some of my clients enjoy public speaking, and some are afraid of it. All of my clients have different needs and styles of learning, and I enjoy discovering what really helps each person.

In our first meeting, as we discuss your history, challenges, and goals, I'll begin to get a sense of your current capabilities. That will suggest a place to start.

As we work, an open dialogue between us (rather than a fixed road map) keeps bringing our focus toward what really helps you. This process is at times unconventional, often enjoyable, and surprisingly effective.

Focus Areas

Depending on your needs, we can focus on these and other areas:

  • Confidence: learn how to work with fear and other challenges until you can turn them into strengths.
  • Delivery / Presence: engage and inspire an audience by becoming more present and vivid. 
  • Preparation: learn to practice effectively before presentations (including PowerPoint), speeches, lectures, pitches, trials, meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Content / Story: clarify and simplify what you are communicating, and focus on why it matters to your audience.
  • Leadership and Communication: develop your leadership skills through more effective communication. Become aware of what's hindering you and hone what makes you stand out. 

My Influences

I use a variety of approaches to address your public speaking needs. Our work will be practical, conceptual, and experiential, and the emphasis will change as needed.

Types of Public Speaking

These are some of the kinds of public speaking my clients do:

  • Presentations (including keynotes, Ted Talks, work presentations, conferences, etc.), Speeches, Lectures
  • Workplace Communication: from Leadership to Learning to Speak Up in Groups
  • Interviews, Panels, Press Conferences
  • Meetings, Pitches
  • Hosting, Newscasting, Reporting, Expert Guest Appearances
  • Trials



"What are you really communicating to your audience?
Are you present as you're doing it?"


  • Private Lessons
    Private coaching in public speaking in my Los Angeles studio (or your location) 
    provides the opportunity to focus on your specific needs.
  • Public Speaking Workshops
    Public speaking workshops in Los Angeles (and other areas) offer an opportunity for substantial learning in a short period of time.
  • Corporate Training 
    Public speaking training for members of your organization can focus on individuals or whole teams.