Individualized Approach
Your needs determine our focus. We'll clarify your goals, identify your current abilities and challenges, and then discover how to move toward your goals.

First Session
The first session is a little longer than a standard session. We’ll talk, and I’ll ask you a lot of questions. My goal is for both of us to develop a clear sense of whether this is a good fit, and for you to have a glimpse of what our work will be as well as clarity about how it can help you.

The first session is billed as one hour, but it often takes up to 90 minutes. 

You can request an info sheet with all the details about private coaching.

Fees for Individuals *
My regular rate for a one-hour private session is $400. When needed, I offer a sliding scale of $200 - $400 to accommodate clients of different means. The amount you pay within the sliding scale depends on your financial circumstances.

* C-suite execs and most employees whose coaching is paid by for-profit companies, see "Fees for Corporate Coaching" below. 

* I offer four need-based merit scholarships with fees below my sliding scale. Because the demand is far greater than what I can accommodate, when I do accept a client on a scholarship, it can take up to a year for a slot to open in my schedule. To apply, please indicate what level of scholarship you need and why, how it could help you, and what use you will make of our work together.

Fees for Corporate Coaching
These rates apply to C-suite executives and most employees whose coaching is paid by for-profit companies. If you're not sure whether these rates apply to you, please ask.

Fees for Non-Profits
I offer a sliding scale for non-profits. Please inquire using the form to the right, and let me know a little about what you're looking for.

West Hollywood.

I also travel to work with clients.

Duration and Frequency of Coaching
Most clients do either one or two sessions per week. Less than one session per week is usually not helpful.

Depending on your goals, you may finish after a few sessions or continue on a regular basis.


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